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Online Q&A
how much space does a residential elevator need? And can it be designed according to the building's space?
do I need to apply power supply for residential elevators?
does a residential elevator need to have machine room?
how big is an elevator? Will it hold a wheelchair?
can residential elevators be installed in old buildings? Can it be installed outdoor if there is no reserved space indoor for elevator hoistway?
what safety equipments does a residential elevator have?
what should we do if we're stuck in the elevator?
I live on 6th floor and it is a duplex department design, can I install an elevator? How much will it cost? Can you make a smaller size of it?
I live on 5th floor and own 1st floor as well. Can I install an elevator in the back of the building?
my house is a 4-story building with 25 square meters each story. How do you install an elevator? Or do I need an apartment elevator?
is it better to choose big brands for a residential elevator installation?
I just installed a big brand residential elevator for my customer this year, but he doesn't seem to be satisfied. The elevator was too light and moving too slow and we haven't had satisfactory result after several contacts with the elevator company. I was wondering how much will it be if we switch to your product with capacity 300kg and speed 25 meter/min?
I would like to purchase a pre-sale townhouse and ask the construction company to install the elevator. However, I am not satisfied with the elevator company and intended to choose yours. Can you also work with the construction company?
I am a designer and found some differences between residential elevators and mansions or some unique design buildings. So, can you manufacture elevators to match my design?
There are more and more manufacturers selling elevators, and what are the characteristics of yours?