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Freight elevators and passenger/freight elevators


Freight and passenger/freight elevators manufactured in Li Lu are designed and calculated precisely. And with using high quality materials, elevator structure is durable and reliable. In addition, the control system provides a stable operation quality and makes the elevator cab stop at precise spots. The design of elevator cab is based on providing better space and functionality also makes transport goods more effectively. Li Lu's professionally-made freight and passenger/freight elevators give supreme quality and offer factories or companies more practical, durable, and flexible choices. Our services are as followed:

1. passenger/freight and freight elevators design for companies or factories
2. Elevator design for dumbwaiters, restaurants, and offices
3. Special projects for freight elevators(OEM, ODM)
4. Freight elevator installation
5. Old worn freight elevators modernization
6. Freight elevators maintenances
7. Install evaluation and apply for inspections for customers
8. Others