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A. the best choice for mansions and townhouses
  1. for elders and physically challenged people
  2. household power and money saving
  3. traction machine-roomless design, space saving
  4. CNS design standards, no safety concerns
  5. upgrade living quality
B. Comparisons between residential elevator manufacturers and multi-story building elevator factories:
  Residential elevator manufacturers Multi-story building elevator factories
Differences no space limit, safer and followed by building elevator design standards 1. unable to offer primary products, only focus on single product
2. mansions, townhouses, shops, and residential buildings with 5 stories or below 2. unable to match customers' building design
3. a barrier free space for elders and women and children 3. unable to offer customization work and after-sales services
4. customized design and after-sales services 4. Unstable quality with high prices
5. improve the living quality