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※Tips for riding elevators safely※
Stand back from the door. In case of fire or earthquake, do not use the elevator.
Do not jump or shake while riding the elevator.
Make sure passengers stand clear of the doors before pressing close button.
Know your destination and press the button for you floor.
If an elevator malfunction happens, push the ALARM button and wait for assistance. Do not try to get off the elevator by yourself.
Watch your children and do not let them ride the elevator alone.
Do not overload an elevator.
For others’ health, No Smoking in the elevator.
Emergency procedures

Elevator companies run 24 hours a day and answer phone calls at any time then respond to scene rapidly. We recommend call the elevator company for help even though it might be just a little malfunction. This is because technicians understand all kinds of problems (compare with fire department). Except for an urgent elevator failure, a small problem such as stuck in the cab, let the elevator technician handle is always a smart choice.

When it comes to elevator emergency rescue operations, fully understanding how the mechanic works is necessary. Safety is the first priority because rescue could go wrong and might not only jeopardize passengers but also technicians themselves. If a situation like stuck in the cab, it won’t cause any injury and there is no chance of suffocation either. This is because the cab is not entirely sealed. So, the worst way is the attempt to get off the elevator by oneself. To prevent from any possible casualty, be patient and wait for technicians’ assistance is the safest method.

If an injury or casualty has happened, call fire department (119) or police department (110) first for help also inform the elevator company for necessary support. Emergency situations we talk about including trapped in the cab due to power failure or elevator malfunctions or hurt due to human errors also natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, typhoon, lightning and so on. Although incidents mentioned above rarely happen, we still need to be cautious and be prepared at all time.

Therefore, we should know how to handle elevator emergencies. When reporting an emergency, inform the location and describe the general situation of the elevator. Waiting for assistance and calm the occupants is the best way to handle this emergency.

Methods of emergency response are indicated as below:
trapped due to power failure
  Occupants usually feel anxious if an elevator power is out and got stuck in it. One should explain the situation and ask occupants to wait for assistance patiently. With no assistances from professionals, it might result in a worse consequence. Contact the power company if the power failure will last for a while. Also call the elevator company for help.
trapped due to malfunctions
  Occupants trapped in between floors due to malfunctions, one should apply the same procedures as mentioned in first situation. Do not try to get off the elevator since it is very a dangerous move. Call the elevator company immediately.
  If any injured occupants are found, call the elevator company, police department, and fire department for immediately assistances.
  Do not let the elevator door open by others on the floor where the fire spot is. Inform occupants through the phone built in the cab and instruct them to stop at safe floor and get off the elevator for escape. Shot down the elevator power. After the fire, have the elevator company checked on the elevator and make sure it is safe to use.
  When an earthquake happens, stop using the elevator. While riding an elevator and an earthquake strikes, get off at the nearest floor. If the elevator stops between floors, ask the elevator company technicians for assistances. After the earthquake, make sure have the elevator company done the inspection on the elevator before using it.
  Elevator machine room or shaft is flooded due to fire drills or typhoons could lower electrical insulation and cause malfunctions or even sometimes lead to the danger of electric shock. Power has to be completely shut off at this point and call the elevator company to check on electrical insulation or look for other problems.