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Elevator Maintenances

1. The legal time limit for elevators use is 15 years. With proper maintenances, the time limit can be extended to 20 to 25 years. On the contrary, it is going to be extremely dangerous with circumstances like poor maintenances, misusing, and overusing. Those problems not only shorten the elevator life cycle but also increase malfunction problems.

2. You are going to lose more than you gain if you only make service call when the elevator breaks down and simply replace elevator parts without having your elevator had thorough maintenances on a regular basis.

3. Elevator maintenance works the same way just like motor vehicles or other machines. There is no grantee that malfunction WILL NOT happen even though routine maintenances are done properly. However, the better chance of reducing breakdowns is expected if maintenances are carried out on a regular basis.

 So, for safety and elevator life cycle concerns, when an elevator starts to operate from first day, constant and regular maintenances are required. We should all be aware that with no proper maintenances or even no any of it, an elevator performance will decrease and its life span will reduce to 7 to 10 years. Malfunctions can happen at any time. Li Lu provides 1 year maintenance for free after the installation and testing and then transfers the ownership of the elevator to customers. The maintenance contract resign step is necessary after the 1 year free maintenance is expired. Technicians will be sent for maintenances on a regular basis.

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